• We celebrate the year of the resistive economy: Production and Employment

    KRNPC at a Glance
  • The most renowned manufacturer and supplier of isocyanates and amines in the Middle East

    KRNPC at a Glance
  • Increased profitability / customer care / safety enhancement

    KRNPC at a Glance

Broken Record Production at Karun Petrochemical Company

The Chief Executive Officer at Karun Petrochemical Company announced a 40% increase in production compared to the same period of last year: With the support of Iranian knowledge-based companies, Karun Petrochemicals will become completely self-sufficient in importing foreign goods.


In The Research and Technology Week; Karun Petrochemicals was introduced as the leading company in the area of Research and Development

In a ceremony held on December 16, 2020, in "Research and Technology" Week;
Karun, Nouri, and Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Companies' CEOs were honored as the top three in the Persian Gulf Holding Group in Research & Development. 


Production of Two New Modified MDI Grades in Karun Petrochemical Company

The experts of Karun Petrochemical Company have produced two new products of modified MDI which its commercial names are MDA, KHR-45. 


Production of New Modified MDI Grade in Karun Petrochemical Co.

The experts of Karun Petrochemical Co. have produced a new product of modified MDI which its commercial name is LMDI B and was supplied to the market.This kind of MDI special grade is essential in producing  of   ester-based and ether-based polyurethanes.


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Karoun Petrochemical Company is the first producer of isocyanates in the Middle East which Company's main product is 40,000 Ton/year of Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) and Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI). For more information you can navigate the website or just Download the below Cataloge


  • Acknowledgement by Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company Ltd

  • Recipient of the highest rating in the course of evaluation of physical asset management

  • Three Star Acknowledgment in the EFQM Model

  • Selected nominee of the General Meeting of Quality Management

  • ISO 9001 certificates

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